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Office Supply Hut San Antonio Warehouse Will Call Pickup

The large warehouse located in Schertz, TX serves the San Antonio area and is the best way to make sure you never run out of those crucial office supplies.

We have over 25,000 inventory items always in stock, covering key business areas such as office products, furniture, technology, and key janitorial and breakroom supplies. This allows for super-swift delivery to our many customers in San Antonio and the immediate area.

Arranging effective pick up of your order

Many customers have asked us if – and how – they can quickly pick up an order from our warehouse. This is possible, but to allow for the most efficient service we can offer, there are three simple requirements:

• In most cases, you can expect your orders to be fulfilled and ready for you to pick up within just two hours. The minimum order for which we can provide the warehouse pick up facility is just $75.

• The first action to take is to call 1-800-590-9990 prior to any pick up being attempted. This allows us to provide you with a unique identification and authorization number. You will not be allowed to pick up you order if you do not call the customer service number first.

• On arrival, you’ll be asked both for this authorization number and other personal identification, such as your driver’s license. With these identifiers, we can then quickly release your order to you.

Office Supply Hut San Antonio Warehouse – 25,000+ supply solutions!

With the San Antonio facility being just one of our 34 warehouses nationwide, it should come as no surprise that almost every requirement is fulfilled. For example: you might want dry erase boards for your meeting room or breakroom wall, or toner cartridges to keep the paperwork flowing. You could be looking for office chairs for your new location, or to make working in your current home more comfortable. We can also provide many filing cabinet options and the classification folders you’ll then fill them with.

If you have any questions, remember the Office Supply Hut number: 1-800-590-9990. One of our team recently commented that the words they use most often are ‘Yes we can’. So, if you're based in the Greater San Antonio area, how can we help you?