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Selecting the Correct Dry Erase/White Marker Board



Selecting the Correct Dry Erase/White Marker Board

With so many choices of dry erase boards, you would think selecting one would be an easy task; not so. There are several types of surfaces and several options to choose from. The more economical boards are made of “melamine” which is a fire retardant material. It consists of a melamine resin, synthetic polymer and is often combined with formaldehyde. This compound is considered safe for normal uses. This product can be molded into several shapes, making it a popular material for white boards. Melamine boards have a Non-Magnetic surface. Cleaning the board with a dry erase board cleaner after each use, will extend the life of the boards as the coating on the surface will break down, over time. However, with proper maintenance you can get several years of use from the board. The boards come with either an aluminum, wood, or plastic frame. The different frame options can dramatically change the price of the board.

The more expensive, higher quality boards are made of “porcelain”. With this type of board, porcelain, a very hard enamel, is applied to a steel surface. This type of board is best suited for high use applications, such as classrooms, conference rooms or any other situation where there is a high amount of usage. One benefit of porcelain boards is the superior color contrast, when using markers on the board, without ghosting. The porcelain surface also resists denting, and doubles as a bulletin board. This is a handy option for teachers or meeting presenters. Presenters can attach their notes to the board with a magnet, without having to hold onto them. Teachers can use the board to post students papers. The porcelain surface is easy to clean. Its glass like surface makes it virtually maintenance free. With this board, the frame options can also dramatically change the price. Over the long run, the porcelain boards in high use situations, are your best option. Some have up to a 50 year warranty. This would be my choice for school, government or corporate facilities.

Author: Robert Doyle

Owner: Office Supply Hut