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Why Buy In Bulk? | Bulk Office Supplies

By Robert Doyle

Save both time and money by eliminating unnecessary purchases in the future by buying in bulk today. Buying in bulk is the prudent solution to stocking your office with the most supplies for the buck. Stretch that buck!

Things you can save:

Money – Everyone who’s ever been to those bulk food stores can tell you how much you can save. When you factor in price per unit, bulk is by far the best deal in town. What has a longer shelf life than 10 gallons of mayonnaise? Answer: every office supply known to man. When your office supplies don’t spoil you have a much longer time to use them. Don’t waste money buying the whole food equivalent of office supplies; spending extra money as an impulse buy for a single highlighter at 1000% markup in a grocery store checkout lane. Save that money and buy in bulk.

Time – There’s nothing more precious in life than time. It’s science. How can you save this most precious commodity? By buying your office supplies in bulk, of course. Don’t waste time ordering small quantities over and over again. Save time you would be wasting buying office supplies and instead spend it doing something you enjoy! Water skiing, hang-gliding, paddle boarding… Be free. Make a list and order all at one time, then just rinse and repeat. You’re going to save so much time you’ll have to buy a watch to keep track of all that time.

Accordion Expanding File Folder

You can never have too many accordion expanding file folders to organize all your important paperwork.



File Storage Box

With all that paper work you’ve amassed it may be time to store some of it, how about using file storage boxes?

Hammermill Recycled Copy Paper

Hammermill Recycled Copy Paper: Don’t get stuck in a jam by running out of paper while printing that mega-important proposal that’s due in 20 minutes, stock up and save today!

Business Source Invisible Tape

Business Source Invisible Tape: When tape is on the dispenser it can seem to last forever; but it won’t. Stick to the plan and buy in bulk to avoid being tapeless.

Business Source Legal Ruled Pad

Business Source Legal Ruled Pad: Write down all your great ideas!

Integra Highlighter

Integra Highlighter: Highlight all those great ideas to make them stand out!

So if you’re looking to buy office supplies, why not buy in bulk? Call us at 1-800-590-9990 or contact us today for a quote.

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