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3 Steps to Make an Art Journal out of a Mead Composition Book

By Robert Doyle

Collage Dedicated to Andy Warhol's Timeless WorksAccording to Andy Warhol, “art is what you can get away with” and with Mead’s composition books, you can get away with some amazing do-it-yourself art. A great feature of these composition books is that with this blank canvas, you can make an amazing art journal that is customized just for you. This is a great art project for children, teenagers and adults alike. Let your creative juices flow and in just three easy steps you will have your own personalized art journal.
  • Step 1: The first thing you should do is to rip out every other page because your composition book is going to double in size. The amount of pages you rip out is dependent on how many pages you want your art journal to have.

  • Step 2: Here comes the fun part! Choose what you would like to include in your art journal. It could be pages from a favorite book or pictures from a magazine or different color scrap book papers. This is your art and you can add whatever you would like. Then you can collage all your work together and glue them to the composition book on the front and back of the pages.

  • Step 3: Now that you have created your art work, time to make it permanent. Take a brush and spread a nice layer of gesso over your pages. Use wax paper in between pages so they do not stick together. After all your pages are done, let your art journal set over night.
  • Voila! You are all done! Sometimes your art journal will not close all the way. Don’t worry because your pages are thick enough that you can sew a button on or some colorful ribbon to keep your new art journal closed.Mead composition books

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