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Tips on Choosing a Calendar

While choosing the right calendar for your office may not seem like a pressing matter, having a functional planner helps keep you organized and on track with your goals. Here's a quick guide to the different styles of calendars and their pros and cons for the office life.

Wall calendars

These are perfect for those who like to personalize their office with art and photography. Selecting a wall calendar with images of your favorite tropical destination or dog breed gives you something pleasant and calming to look at in between phone calls and emails. This style also lets you see your entire month in one glance.

However, if you need to write in appointments or detailed reminders, wall calendars offer little space. If your desk is not positioned near a wall, this style is not very functional for you.

Desk pad calendars

This is a great option if you like having your schedule right in front of you while you work. The organized note spaces make it easy to document and check your appointments. The major con to desk pad calendars is that they take up a significant amount of desk space, which is undesirable for those who don't like clutter.

Today is... calendars

These minimalist calendars are good for offices where people are constantly asking for the date. This is usually the case in offices where clients are frequently signing paperwork. Easy to read and highly visible, these calendars save you from having to answer the same question a dozen times a day, but they don't provide any room for writing reminders.

Daily planners

Appointment books and daily planners are suitable for people who are constantly on-the-go. They allow you to carry all of the information needed for your day right in your purse or briefcase. With these planners, you can see your month at a glance, write weekly or daily plans and there's usually space for extra notes and contact information. The one drawback of this type of calendar is that it's easy to misplace.

Dry erase calendars

These are highly suited to offices with teams that work together on various projects. Multiple people can write on the board without ruining it, since the information is easily erased. If your planning is consistently subjected to changes and new ideas, dry erase calendars allow you to adjust information as needed. A potential problem with this is that important information can also be erased with ease.