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Office Supply Store, or Medical Supply Store?

Office supply stores now selling medical supplies

When you need office supplies, you go to an office supply store. And when you need medical supplies, you go to a pharmacy or online medical supply store. But now, you no longer have to go to both. Office supply stores are starting to carry a vast array of medical supplies for use in offices, medical practices, and at home.

Office supplies and medical supplies, though they seem like completely separate categories, actually go hand in hand. Business offices, schools, and homes that need basic office supplies regularly also need basic medical supplies for emergency situations and daily discomforts. And medical practices also need office supplies for filing, writing, and managing administrative duties.

Basic medical supply needs in the office

Even if an office does not serve any medical purpose, it still needs some medical supplies, which are now offered at office supply stores. First and foremost, every office should have a first aid kit on hand, and multiple ones for various floors and areas. Having first aid kits also means restocking the first aid kits every time something is used from it, or replacing them over time. But aside from that, offices also need other everyday medical supplies on hand. Employees should always have Band-Aids, painkillers, cold and cough medicine, and lotion available for use at their desks. At office supply stores, you can purchase single-dose packs of brands like Advil, Motrin, and Pepto-Bismol. Band-Aids are necessary for small wound care, so you don't have to go to a first aid kit for every paper cut. And of course every office needs emergency supplies like defibrillators.

Medical practices buying from office supply stores

Medical offices and practices obviously need medical supplies, and likely have large bulk suppliers that they order them from. But what about when you need one or two things to restock? Or when you're shopping for the basic office supplies you need as well? Office supply stores that carry medical supplies not only have all the office supplies you need to stock up on, but also carry smaller quantities of the medical supplies you need, like exam gloves. The great thing about office supply stores, especially online ones, is that they allow you to buy in bulk or small quantities, and because you are purchasing both office and medical supplies in one place, you eliminate another set of shipping fees, and worrying about an additional delivery.

For home use

Office supply stores aren't just for offices, and neither are medical supply stores just for medical practitioners. Every home needs its share of supplies of both kinds. The medical supplies now sold at office supply stores can be extremely useful for personal and at home use as well. Single dose packets of medications are ideal for carrying in purses or cars when you may need them on the go. Every home and car needs a first aid kit as well. And when something does happen, like a broken bone, you only need a pair of crutches, brace, or sling for your own use. Office supply stores make it easy to purchase single items like these.


Robert Doyle