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Keeping your office hygienic and healthy with a minimum of fuss

Clean Healthy Office

An unhygienic office is an unhealthy office. An unhealthy office is an unproductive office. It behooves everyone involved to do their best to keep their office a clean, healthy, productive place. For the people in charge of office supplies, that means making keeping a clean office as painless and easy as possible — after all, humans can often be lazy. If being careful of germs and keeping the office clean isn’t a quick and simple task, many won’t bother. Here are the tools we recommend to help with this problem:

1) Hand sanitizer

It’s easy to use, it works, and you can use it to spot-disinfect trouble spots like door handles. Buy plenty of pump bottles and a bulk supply, and you can make it so completely effortless to stay disinfected that no one even thinks about it.

2) Paper towels or napkins

Paper towels and napkins may not be the most efficient cleaning solution, but they’re generally the cleanest cleaning solution. Anything reusable needs to be sterilized thoroughly and constantly — not typical in an office environment. So make sure you have plenty of paper towels in the break room and other places that need regular cleanup.

3) Alcohol wipes

There are a lot of things in an office that can carry germs. Phones, office equipment, light switches and door handles are just a few of the places that get touched repeatedly, with each touch leaving and taking bacteria. Keeping alcohol wipes handy and close to the biggest offenders can really help improve office health.

4) Disposable kitchenware

If your office break room doesn’t include a way to clean dishes, provide disposable alternatives instead. The last thing you need is for basic utensils and cups to get reused after a less-than-thorough washing, even when there isn’t any particular cause for concern.

5) Sticky notes/brochures

A little information goes a long way in preventing the spread of germs, especially when sickness starts to go around the office. Sticky notes on phones, light switches, and other breeding grounds for illness can also help people remember to sterilize and exercise basic caution.