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How office supplies affect office morale

Having the right tools at hand makes the day go smoother, whatever your business may be. When you work in an office, that means having office supplies where you need them, when you need them. Every moment spent chasing down Post-it notes, finding a pen that works, working around a paper shortage, or bickering over who gets ‘the good chair’ leads to reduced efficiency, reduced morale, and reduced bottom lines. Office supplies matter because they sit at that intersection of ‘important’ and ‘easy to ignore’. So remember these four points the next time you’re stocking up: 

1. Desk efficiency

Making sure everyone who needs supplies has them in their workspace goes a long way to making everyone more productive, from the top of the company to the bottom. Allowing for a bit of personalization to maximize personal efficiency is even better — not everyone works the same way, so you don’t want to end up forcing people to cram their spaces full of things they’ll never use. Get people what they need to work smart, work hard, and never have to scavenge for the right tool.

2. Break room quality

A bad break room is bad for business. Sure, you might be able to discourage frequent visits by keeping the room understocked, but that doesn’t eliminate the problem of wandering employees; it only annoys them, and forces them to forage further from their workspaces. Keep your break room stocked with the necessities, and you’ll see better productivity.

3. Office furniture

Sitting in a chair made in the same year you were born isn’t good for anyone — even if that chair was top of the line at the time, there’s been countless improvements to our understandings of ergonomics and the way we fatigue ourselves sitting in recent years. Most offices could do with an update of their desks, chairs, and other furniture — if only so that their employees don’t end up giving the company insurance policy a beating in later years.

4. Technology

No one likes to work with bargain bin, ten-year-old equipment in the office. It’s only cheap on the front end; in the long term, the man hours wasted fighting the thing and other problems associated with dated technology quickly end up as a net negative. Buy technology products for the office which work, and you and everyone else will be gladder and richer for it.