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A clean office is a healthy, happy office

You may not realize it, but your office keyboard is full of gunk. If the idea of grime bothers you, then you’ll be amazed at what’s in your keyboard. You may even find the keys sticking because they’re full of dirt that collects in between the keys from dust floating in the air and settling on the keys. Keeping your keyboard clean is a must for a healthy and happy typing environment.

When buying cleaning products for the office, your computer keyboard isn’t always something you're likely to think about. You may be more concerned about office trash can liners and disinfecting wipes, but products specifically geared towards technology products for the office often get overlooked.

You should start with a can of compressed air duster. This helps you blow out dust that not only gets trapped under your keyboard keys, but also inside other computer components. You may not see the dust, but it’s there. Dust build-up is bad for your computer and can cause issues for you if you suffer from dust allergies. Always be sure these products are moisture-free, to protect your computer, and ozone-safe, to protect the environment.

Then, take it to the next level with a keyboard cleaning kit. These kits are specifically designed to clean all the crevices in your keyboard. Kits typically contain a cleaning solution and swabs similar to Q-tips that allow you to remove dirt on and around keyboard keys. These swabs remove all sorts of nasty gunk that build up from numerous fingertips touching the keys. Make sure the solvent in your kit is specially formulated for keyboards and it dries rapidly without leaving a residue.

Another item to include when purchasing cleaning products for the office are cleaning wipes specifically designed and safe for use on office equipment. There are several types of wipes and cloths available, but always include one made especially for cleaning monitors. These wipes/clothes won’t scratch the surface, but remove oily buildup including fingerprints that make it difficult to view your screen.

Remember, a clean computer is a happy computer and a clean office provides a healthier and happier environment for you.