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5 tips for home office organization

Being able to successfully work from home is a dream come true for many. However, keeping your home office organized and efficient can be a challenge when you're working with limited space. These home office hacks will help you turn your cluttered office into a streamlined area for maximum performance.

1. Minimize paper piles

One of the main causes of a messy home office is stacks of paper files. Look at every piece of paper and decide what to keep. Use a shredder to dispose of sensitive information and toss the rest in the recycle bin. This method can be time consuming, but it's definitely worth it. Invest in office supplies such as a folder organizer and multi-colored folders. Use the colored folders to organize your paperwork by subject.

2. Make a mail box

If your home business deals with a lot of mail, it's vital to keep these documents organized and easily accessible. Set up another file organizer, but this time label the folders for incoming mail, outgoing mail and bills. As soon as your mail arrives, file it into the folders to be sorted through when you have the time.

3. Invest in a label maker

A label maker is a must-have office product for any type of business. Use a label maker to create labels for your folders, drawers and boxes. This enables you to find exactly what you need, right when you need it. It also encourages you to keep your work space organized since you have a designated space for every office supply.

4. Categorize your boxes and drawers

Categorizing your boxes and drawers means you keep related items together for easy access. For example, dedicate one drawer to mailing supplies such as stamps, envelopes and address labels. Designate another drawer to hold all your technology products, such as phone or laptop chargers, headsets and other tech accessories. Additional categories to create spaces for include basic office tools, writing utensils and notepads.

5. Use wall space

This tip cannot be stressed enough. Instead of cluttering your home office with a bulky desk or standing drawer units, utilize the walls for hanging shelves and other organizational fixtures. Hang a magnetic white board for keeping track of projects or install a hanging magazine rack for storing important papers and folders.